stupid bloody!!!!

Now, i have the feeling of wanting to slam someone...instead of helping me solve my netbook problem,things got worsen...AND IT LAGS MORE THAN IT DOES BEFORE!!!! SHIT DAMN ASS!!!

Andrew aka Lil'Soon: A series of unfortunate happenings in life

Crap...the timetable for my coming sem has been released. Everyone seems to get their timetable already but I'm yet to get my timetable...SWINBURNE!!!WHERE IS MY TIMETABLE???!!! Well,from Facebook itself, I can see that I might be having more of night class...There's the possibility since my friends all complaint that they have night class. I might be having night class but I'm definitely unsure bout that since I'm sure that I need to retake Physics and Engineering Maths A: I failed last sem...a little more and I can pass and they don't even let me proceed...geez...wonder how much i need to pay...and for sure,I need to pay rm500 to repeat my Moral Studies,one of my MPW subject that i need to pass since I'm a Malaysian student studying in Malaysia. Well hopefully everything goes well this year and I don't want any FAILURES in my EXAM!!! If I fail,this would be very burdening for my sister...She is the financial supporter in my home.
Place that aside, my mini little laptop or my netbook's still under renovation...Under renovation? Well basically I restore my netbook to an earlier time and as a result, ALL MY FILES are gone!!! and crap...that means lots of jobs to do for my lappy here...installing orbit download manager,msn messenger,yahoo nessenger,etc...
Geez,wonder why that all happen...just for screen resolution that runs away,all this chaos happen...
That's all for now...sighs

Get a life!!! And plse give some respect!!!

I'm in fact writing this post with an anger in my heart... Seriously, when I read the report, I was asking in my mind, "What the fuck is this? Do you have any respect to them?"... If you're asking what am i angry at, I'm angry at Berita Harian, one of Malaysia's newspaper... In fact,they drew a caricature of it,involving Ultraman and tsunami...Read the report here by CNN
I've enclosed a link to the report,so just click the link...
basically, I thought, maybe they think this just so funny that a hero for the kids can't save their beloved Japan,so they decided to draw a caricature of ultraman running away...But just think,Berita Harian,what if Malaysia got hit, I mean the whole Malaysia as a whole...How would you feel if some foreign country draw caricature of our leader or whatever running away and save themself? How would you feel? Sit back and THINK!!!

Obviously nonsense crap

Going around Kuching (not the whole Kuching,but just the usual part of the city I've been to) today, I can just say it's just another boring day and trip with the other 4 Swin element of God, as we call ourself. Nothing much, at 11pm, go Saberkas to check on games as Ghian, Cherd, and XL wants. Then move on to tHe Spring with Ghian driving my atos having pizza for lunch. After lunch, go One TJ to check on games (well,otaku bah...what can you expect?) and buy external hard disk...not bad RM189 for 500GB. Transcend brand. After One TJ,gather back at the HQ of the 5 element God of Swin, which is at XL's house at 2.30pm. Nothing much of today, I just hope I can finish downloading Chou Sei Shin GranSazer by this two weeks.
Now, I'm thinking of writing songs. Well,just some crappy lyrics I'm write. A song about life. Below is just part of a lyric that is running in my mind. Please leave some comment. Thanks

Your blood is running in me,
I am inheriting your genes,
 Though I do not know
how do you feel or what do you feel,
but I could understand the hardships,
the hardship of raising me up through these years.
But I swear I will return all these favour
the favour of raising me up.

February post (another nonsense crap?)

Well, today is valentine's day, which is another day of nonsense where couples get to spend their time together and dating, other than giving each other presents. man...what's the meaning of all this? don't blame me for being single...i never had a girlfriend, so u should understand why am i crapping nonsense here..., i'm trying to finish downloading all the episodes of Kamen Rider W (i get it from my friend,and since it's incomplete, i'm gonna complete it) and Taiwan drama The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries (this is my own complete drama...well,they only have 13 episodes)

kamen rider w

legend of brown sugar chivalries 


Well, i just have the opportunity to sit down and do some reflection about me. This is the first time I've done reflection on my own,without guidance and I'm reflecting on myself. Who's trait I have.Which side of my parents i inherit a lot. You might be asking,for the past few days I'm in uni helping the foundation student's orientation. Well, I do have some free time and I use the free time to do some reflection. After the reflection, I do realize that me and my siblings though are related but we have a huge gap of differences, not just in terms of age.
It seems that i inherit most of my dad's quality (both real and foster dad). From my real dad, I inherit his looks (my siblings have to admit i do look like my real dad). From my foster dad, I inherit his temper. he has a very slow temper, only got angry if someone pissed him off to the extend of exceeding the limit of his patience.

I do inherit things from both of my dad as they have something in common. I inherit something which has been passed down from generation to generation, which is working hard. When we are assigned with some work, we definitely work hard to ensure a good result to the extend of at times forgot our meals and sometimes not celebrating festivals. Next, I inherit their Dayak bloods. Though they are Chinese Malaysian in the National Registration, they in fact, have the local blood of Dayaks, specifically the Bidayuhs.
From my mum, I don't inherit anything from her. Her quality totally clashes with my dad, meaning my mum's quality and attitude opposite to my dad's quality and attitude.
That's me. As for my siblings,they inherit most of their quality from my mum. that's all for now...


As usual,some short post~
Now,my holidays have officially begun last week and now i'm bored up at home doing nothing..(well,except painting house for 2 consecutive days)..Now,as i have nothing to do,i'll be playing online game called La Tale. This game was introduced to me by an old friend of mine Kaoru.. Now,i'll be playing this game whenever i have my free time..Sadly this was blocked by Swinburne's SwinWifi..can't play at uni..only at home.. T.T
Anyways, I've got myself one good news: I passed my English and Communication Skills part 1!!! I've obtained 21 over 30!!! So far,that's the only good news I got..Bad news is I've short hols..My holidays ends on 3rd January because i need to take MPW..sadly..and next year 2011,i might have a short break for the whole year..
That's all folks for today~